Making Up With Improv

Making Up With Improv

Evan Schweitzer (Episode 11)

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Oooh, it’s been too long! Lena is excited to be back after the summer break and even more excited about her wonderful guest Evan Schweitzer. Evan is originally from New York but now lives in Frankfurt, only a short train ride away from Lenas home town. Lena and Evan find out that they have some quite specific things in common. They share a nerdy little secret and a dirty little secret. Wanna find out more? Tune in!

Evan is currently working on his website:

Check out "GALAKTO-logisch" where Evan plays an alien looking for friends on earth:

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About this podcast

Lena Försch has been in love with improvised theatre for half her life. In the past couple of months, however, things between her and improv haven't exactly been great. What had once been a passionate and exciting relationship has somehow turned into one of frustration and boredom. But Lena is determined to rekindle the old flame. In her podcast she is talking to improvisers from around the globe to seek some advice. And who knows... she might learn a thing or two about her conversation partners as well.

by Lena Försch & Würzburger Improtheaterfestival e.V.


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