Making Up With Improv

Making Up With Improv

Mark Jane (Episode 7)

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What’s a diplodocus and did it actually exist? Questions like these make Lena’s head spin in this episode. Trying out a new game called „Call Everyone’s Bluff“ (not to be confused with „Call My Bluff“, a British television show from the eighties - very different format) she and Mark Jane from Paris try to deceive each other by telling better lies. When not walking the thin line between truth and fiction, they discuss Mark’s show „TRIO“ in which he performs not with one but with two members of the audience. They talk about the difference between Match and TheatresportsTM and what it is like to be a British actor in Paris. Fun fact: Did you know Mark once shook Prince Charles’ hand? Or could that be a vicious lie? Tune in and find out.

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About this podcast

Lena Försch has been in love with improvised theatre for half her life. In the past couple of months, however, things between her and improv haven't exactly been great. What had once been a passionate and exciting relationship has somehow turned into one of frustration and boredom. But Lena is determined to rekindle the old flame. In her podcast she is talking to improvisers from around the globe to seek some advice. And who knows... she might learn a thing or two about her conversation partners as well.

by Lena Försch & Würzburger Improtheaterfestival e.V.


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